Vision makes algorithmic trading easy, intuitive, and fun. They provide their users with a charting application that does most of the work for them in the way algo-trading is envisioned.

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Inclusive 360

The Inclusive 360 tool delivers a positive, inclusive culture for all employees and provides a custom DEI roadmap for embedding equity, accessibility, and inclusion into work systems. To be Inclusive 360 is to embed DEI strategies in every department of an organization. It is to be holistically and systematically equitable, inclusive, diverse, accessible, and antiracist.

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Qwikboard is a touch and tab friendly online blackboard app that makes live drawing, sharing and collaboration amazingly fast and fun.

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Tiller is a simple circular device that works seamlessly with an app available on macOS and Windows 7+ to make time tracking as quick and easy as possible.

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AliumSwap is an all-in-one multi-chain DEX with hybrid liquidity feature, unique staking alternatives, and the latest solutions for Investors, Traders, Businesses

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Sync Dao

SyncDAO is building a non-custodial solution that enables users to create unstoppable cash flows from DeFi returns. Users want income producing crypto assets.

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NIFTER brings to you authentic art and collectibles directly from renowned artists, athletes and brands. Each artwork and memorabilia has been vetted to protect your investment.

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Authentico is the the leading NFT driven certification and credentializing marketplace in the shipping industry.

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Synesis One

Synesis One is a data crowdsourcing platform where anyone can earn $SNS by completing micro-tasks that train AI.


CleverClogs is the #1 online tutoring platform, created by teachers for 6-18 year olds.

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Thrupenny’s Arbitrage Bot is an automation tool that conducts trades and executes transactions based on the preconditions set by their users.

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